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Name: Bandela Sujani

Age: 13


Gender: Female


Birthday: June 14, 2004   


Study:  10th Standard




Biography: Sujaniís family members are Christian, they are poor but Sujani does live with her parents She has one younger brother. Health and hygienic conditions are extremely poor. Because the houses are cluttered, there is little ventilation, and much contamination. Tuberculosis is especially rampant. We are happy to report that Sujani appears healthy. She has interest in studies, but her plight is total poverty. They look for a sponsor at just $40 per month. Please pray for her so that the Lord will inspire you to help us help this girl.


Environment:  Y. V. Lanka is a typical rural country area, surrounded by water.  There are canals, tanks, and a river tributary passing through the small village. When severe rains come to their village, it will be under devastation. All depend on daily labor, which is only seasonal. Please pray for them. Thank you.


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